Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Although I am still in London I am no longer present here. I have left and I am in Mali. All the London things around me are still the same: my walls, the books on my shelves, the room where we have had lots of fun; my familiar landscape still exists, but barely- it is fading, and it is light and already transparent. What was so concrete, unquestionable and real will be dissolved within a few days. Boxes are invading the floor- my London life is being packed away and I feel like a ghost. Everything has lost its material substance and somehow gone into black and white like an old movie. Objects that meant something have become irrelevant and I am reckless, perhaps, in my discarding of my material life. I feel like a moth or one of those insects that change state: I am moving from one to another. I will hopefully emerge again in Mali- perhaps as a butterfly but I might not have reached that stage of development yet...
in any case, hope to see you there! (but meanwhile don't forget Friday's jumblesale- see below!) Posted by Picasa


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