Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warning: what is to follow is both sexist and racist so would all the nice PC people who may be looking at this blog this morning please stop here and go and read the Guardian.
All men are hopeless crybabies when they are ill. African men are, although it is scarcely possible, even more pathetic than European men.
The comely Beigna above will be the barman at Hotel Djenne Djenno. He is at the moment doing an apprenticeship at the Campement Hotel, but the last couple of days he has been off ill. He has been dragging himself around rolling his eyes in a manner worthy of the finest Victorian thespian, suffering with some unidentifiable but clearly potentially terminal ailment.
And Keita, to my mind, seems far too keen to string people up with intravenous anti-malarial serum at the first sign of what could possibly be malaria.Every time I complain about a headache he is ready with the full blown anti malarial treatment. I have just brushed him off so far, with a 'don't-be-so-silly-it's-just-a-hangover' attitude. But on the other hand I do know that malaria is not a joke, and one day sooner or later I will be pleased to have him string me up with the serum....It is inevitable that I will get malaria too one day. And that Italian tourist last August with cerebral malaria was certainly a scary sight... Posted by Picasa


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