Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last night the hotel was full again, but this time I can't really say that it was a visitation of the Beast. Or, perhaps it has become tamer. The guests were perfectly well behaved, they didn't have any impossible or outlandish requests, they drank a peaceful beer and went to bed without complaining about anything. Then they left this morning and I have a relatively peaceful couple of days ahead of me, when I can get in a huddle with Papa, the chef and Fatou, the sou-chef, to develop some recipes hopefully. Oh, Cressida or Jeremiah, how I wish you were here! I have taught them the ginger and sweet potato soup I used to cook on Tuesdays, and it seemed to please last night. I am waiting for the Cuban doctors to come back from their holiday to teach Papa their delicious creme caramel. A French lady gave me her chocolate mousse recipe last night, so petit a petit we will be transformed into a culinary destination of some note, inshallah... Posted by Picasa


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