Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday afternoon at Hotel Djenné Djenno.
Today we are having an uncharacteristically peaceful Sunday-hardly any reservations, but I am not at all complaining , on the contrary I am enjoying the stillness, pottering around looking at the plants in the garden which are growing so fast that it is nearly visible to the eye day by day... Keita is in the kitchen with Papa the chef, teaching him the yummy beef recipe which is eaten with plaintains and boiled potatoes (the latter being a concession to European taste which I will add). We will call it Boeuf Keita and try it out tomorrow. Keita is a very good cook and produces deliciously rich and very fattening food.
I am planning the garden which will grow on the new land beyond the generator house. We will put in the cornerstones for the land in the coming week, then dig a well in the middle of the land and start planting. There will be a citrus grove, certainly, and many other things. It is amazing how uncomplicated life can be when one grows things! Weltschmerz and ennui and such concepts know their place and dissolve when faced with a healthy looking beetroot seedling.
I am thinking that perhaps the flocks of little hungry mendiants which are gathering around the hotel gates could help watering the new land in the morning in return for something to eat.. Hmm lets see... Posted by Picasa


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