Monday, March 26, 2007

Other news from Hotel Djenné Djenno:
Behind the bar you see a much chastised Beigna, once more de retour.
I was being continually pestered by seemingly the whole of Djenné, interceding on behalf of him, pleading with me to show mercy and take him back: ' He is only a child, he doesn't know better', 'be patient with him, he will improve' etc.
He himself had gone back to Keita as his 'petit' once again and spent all day by his side at the laboratory, quietly making him tea and being useful, not saying a word. Finally Keita too softened and took pity on him. 'Take him back, Sophie, he has suffered enough'. So even I relented in the end, and after a rather stiff formal interview took him back... So far the bar is spotless and so far he is a marvel of efficiency. Perhaps he has learned. But maybe a little suffering out in the cold did him good? Will keep you posted. Posted by Picasa


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