Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This building, ladies and gentlemen, is the CLIC (Centre Local d'Information et de Communications) from which I write my bulletins.
And today I rode here on Xaloc for the first time!
In the foreground you can just glimpse Dolly too, and Ibrahim took the picture- the two of them came along to hold my hand, so to speak. Xaloc behaved himself quite well as we rode through the centre of town, but got very excited and danced around, neighing, when we encountered other horses, particularly of the female variety- but then he is a young boy, of course. Ibrahim is looking after him outside under an acacia tree. There are very scant facilities here for the tying up of horses, I think the CLIC management expect its clients to arrive on more up-to-date transport- must rush, speak soon! Posted by Picasa


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