Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Moustique is a gentle Rasta friend of mine in Djenne. He has a Dutch girlfriend and often travels to Europe. Every time he comes back to Djenne all his friends congregate around him to hear the latest news of outlandish European behaviour seen from an African point of view. Moustique's reports normally sends them into paroxysms of laughter, such as the time he told them about the wedding he went to in Amsterdam where both the bride and the groom wore moustaches... And Europeans go to shops to buy food. specially packaged in tins, for their their cats and dogs! I wonder what Moustique would have to say about this hamster exercise globe, scuttling backwards and forwards across the Chinese carpet in Claire and Geoff's sitting room.
' well, you see, it's a thing they buy to make sure the rat gets enough exercise....'?


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