Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tomorrow morning is the annual Crepissage de la Mosqué, (the mud-plastering of the Mosque) a spectaclar event by all accounts. The whole of town takes part, and it starts at three am. This is the only chance for me, as an infidel woman, to see the inside of the mosque. I will be bringing water with the other women and we will be climbing the interior staircase to the roof of the great mud structure where teams of men are mixing the mud to slap onto the surface- so keep an eye out for hopefully good pictures tomorrow.
There is already a carnival athmosphere on the streets of Djenné, and the boys from the little nightclub 'Rasta Boys' have mounted a loudspeaker on their roof from which the lovely Rock-Steady and Ska of early Bob Marley is drifting across the dusty streets... Posted by Picasa


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