Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am in Sweden and have just spent some time with my cousin Greger and his wife Eva. Greger is a successful advertising mogul in Stockholm. He is calm, kind, wise and patient and we spoke about how to keep cool and not get angry with one's staff. I really want to be kind and generous and good, but I find myself angry a lot of the time, and my relationship with the Djenne Djenno staff is the most difficult part of my new life as a hoteliere...
Apart from being endowed with all those good qualities, Greger has a perfect home where everything works, and where all the surfaces are smooth and white and photogenic enough to feature on the front cover of Swedish Elle Interor a couple of months ago. I walked around stroking everything and turning taps on and off just for the pleasure of the sheer quality of it all.


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