Monday, July 09, 2007

Max is clearly hightly sexed and has spent his first few days here with a more or less constant , and impressive, erection. This continual arousal does not seem to disturb him though, and he is quietly and patiently munching his millet, persumably enjoying pleasant reveries along the lines of :

'Cor, that fit young mare we met pulling the haycart on the road from Senossa, I know she liked me... I swear she winked at me! ...Phwoar! I could give her one...'

As you can see, Max looks very similar to Xaloc, but he is a couple of years older, and hopefully wiser. He will be a good big brother. Ibrahim and Sekou are building him a little stable today.
Dolly will be housed in between the two, to prevent any jousting between the two young stallions.

Max is named in honour of my maternal great-grandfather's horse, a remarkable creature who saved the life of my great grandfather, thus in fact being one of the links in the long chain of events which finds me sitting here on the verandah of Hotel Djenne Djenno:
One winter day my great grandfather left his farm with Max pulling the cart in order to go into the forest to fell some trees. One of the trees somehow fell onto him and he laid trapped in the sub zero temperatures. He was able to disengage Max from the cart however, and the horse ran back to the farm where he made a big fuss, stamping and neighing and then guiding a rescue team back to where my great grandfather lay trapped.
Long live Max!


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