Monday, July 09, 2007

More cheerful today.
Election update: Baber Gano, our election candidate was pipped at the post by Amadou Cisse, a Djenne grandee of immense wealth but no profession and uncertain education. He is said to have toured the villages doling out mopeds and wads of cash to the electorate. I am taking this with a pinch of salt, recognizing a certain amount of sour grapes. After all, our Baber Gano was not above using such means of persuasion himself.

And now onto the other news:
Djenne may well be a one-horse town, but Hotel Djenne Djenno is now officially a two-horse hotel.
Max has joined the team, arriving the other day with a beautiful new cart, which I will start painting today..
Max will be taking the Swedes (see 4 May) and other tourists on trips to the Fulani villages in the neighbourhood, thereby hopefully persuading people to stay another day in Hotel Djenne Djenno.


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