Thursday, August 23, 2007

7pm from the sunset bar.

The sun has just set behind the Great Mosque, which is now outlined in jet black against a deep purple and crimson storm sky preserving the last traces of light. Behind me in the Djenne Djenno garden the Charlie Dimmock solar lanterns have started to twinkle. Beigna have just brought me my second Djenne Djenno cocktail: (dark rhum, ice and fresh ginger and lemon juice.)
In two weeks I will once more return to London, for another large commission I can't really refuse. I am looking forward to returning- I want to laugh a bit with English people, can't quite remember when I laughed the last time...smiling, yes, a lot, and talking about terribly ineresting things, yes, and being fascinated, of course, all the time, but laughing? No, not really. I want to see Pia and Andrew and Cressida and others, talk nonsense and giggle childishly without having any particular reason.
(above is the said Andrew, at Djenne Djenno last January)


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