Sunday, August 12, 2007


Saturday night-
The Exchange was done just before sunset. The marabout came riding on his black stallion, this time in a snow white boubou. He certainly has quite an understanding of cinematographic .drama..
I was sad to see Xaloc go, but I can go and visit him any time I like. The Marabout says he will come and give me a few lessons in African riding style. We will ride to Sanossa together- him on Xaloc and I on my new horse. Hmmm....we'll see....
The name of my new black stallion is KOWAL, meaning champion in Saurai. I might change it since he doesn't seem to know that it is his name, and I could think of better ones. Perhaps I'll call him Tristan after our lovely French painter from last winter..? Will keep you informed of further horse business.


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