Sunday, August 12, 2007

I tried it- it is very well trained, but in a style I don't know. It is perhaps like the American cowboy style- one holds the reins high in one hand and swings them in the direction one wants to go. The confusing thing is how to make the horse stop- the means used to accomplish this act seems to be more or less indentical to the means by which one makes it do some intricate circus tricks such as prancing about on the spot and rearing up ...! Until I have learned the difference rding this new horse may well prove just as perilous as riding my Xaloc...The marabout is coming back tomorrow when we will discuss the deal. I think I must let Xaloc go, if only for his own good. It would be a happier future for him after all than pulling a cart full of tourists. - I think the Marabout would look after him well.


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