Friday, September 28, 2007

And here I am (wearing a MaliMali dress and a |MaliMali necklace, soon to be sold in the Hotel shop!) with the author of the worthy tome 100 ways to save the World, which has done very well in Sweden and has therefore now been translated into English. I can’t help thinking that the English may not take to its commendable sincerity, being a more unruly and irreverent bunch… For instance, here is an excerpt from chapter 91, bearing the scintillating title “Obey the Law”: ‘Our governments and civil services are home to many thoughtful, intelligent public servants who actually give a great deal of thought to their decisions. Politicians and bueaurocrats at the EU, national regional, and local levels are (mostly) genuinely concerned and informed individuals working hard to protect the environment.’..Yes, riveting..ahem….
Now, you must understand that you, as a foreigner, are of course not allowed to say things like that about the Swedes- don’t even think about it.
I will fix you with an icy stare and then wander off, not amused: ‘who exactly does he think he is, the pompous English pratt’?


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