Sunday, September 09, 2007

'Yes, hello, is that St. Christopher? It's Sophie here from Hotel Djenne Djenno, the new hotel to the left just before the little bridge at the entrance of Djenne. Have I come to the right department? I believe you are in charge of travellers as well as floods? Pardon? Oh, yes indeed, I have a friend called Kathy. And she's briefed you already? so you know all about us? How marvellous! You know we are running into a spot of bother with the rising flood water? Well, I would be most grateful if you could please try and make the water stop. It would be such a shame if it were all to go belly-up. Just think of all the good things that could happen- all those travellers you are looking after who should be coming to Hotel Djenne Djenno, and all the music and laughter and fun that is supposed to happen there. And we've barely started!
And not only that- don't forget MaliMali- all the people who will benefit if it works- Kadija the jeweller and all the workers she will employ for all the necklaces- think of Dembele and the bogolan and the new loom arriving from Segou- think of the fashion show we will have a t Christmas if there is still a hotel- so, would you please have a go at fixing it for us? Thanks!
Oh, yes, and while your'e at it I have just one final favour to ask: I know it is not your department, but could you put a word in for me to the patron saint of bosses. I would like to be a bit more patient and kinder to my staff. Thanks a million!


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