Monday, October 29, 2007

Back in Djenné!
The banana trees have become enormous in the six weeks I have been gone; it is like the Day of the Triffids here..Baba (behind me) was very pleased with his Liverpool T-shirt bearing number 8 Gerrard, his great idol..
I arrived back for the second big invation of THE BEAST- (the full hotel.)
The first invasion was last weekend, and it seems that the staff were actually quite capable of doing it without me!
Must now rush back -there are 22 Dutch people who will take over the hotel tonight. Papa and Fatou are busy in the kitchen preparing boulettes surprises (our own version of meatballs with boiled eggs inside, eaten with Papa's great fries) and a choice of main course which will be smoked fish pie- we are calling it Gratin au Poisson Fumé.
Trying to shape up on the culinary front, especially since my great friends Jeremiah and David are coming for Christmas and they are very dedicated foodies...


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