Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last night the hotel was invaded by 22 Hungry Hungarians. I am not trying to be clever; the expected Dutch turned out to be Hungarians, and they were indeed very hungry. We ran into trouble over the Gratin du Poisson Fumé.and the Boulettes Surprises avec Frites. When those that chose Gratin saw the Boulettes they all wanted those instead.
The problem was that we had made half of each, since the Bamako-based Tour operator had asked for a choice of fish and meat.
However, for some inexplicable reason there is no fresh fish available in Djenné at the moment, although the hotel is surrounded by fishermen with nets slowly paddling by in their pirogues. We therefore made our smoked fish pie, which has has a lot of success in the past and which is actually quite delicious.

Mais non! The Hungarians refused. So poor Papa (resplendent above in his new outfit, he wears the hat continuously and probably sleeps in it) had to start cooking omelettes and extra chips super fast, and eventually everyone retired happily, having finished their meal with our banana and date crumble and custard, a tried and tested Djenné Djenno favourite.


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