Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things are exceedingly difficult here, and everything is made 10 times worse by the full moon which affects me badly as usual.
But normally I can escape to my sunset bar and tap away on my laptop, and this blog becomes the crucibel which turns the impossible and the awful into something bearable. The act of writing out my experiences saves me. But now I am writing this at the internet cafe, a long queue of people waiting to get to the only computer which is working at the moment. My stricken lap top is still undergoing open heart surgery after the water board official infected it with his virus.
So I am left to stew away... I suppose it is still possible to write long hand, so might try that.
I tarted up the bar again yesterday afternoon- it was one of the areas which had been chosen for renewal in my absense, and someone had been going over my work in new colours and slapped the paint on with an old toothbrush I think!


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