Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In order to improve labour relations we have just initiated a new scheme at Hotel Djenné Djenno: Every employé has the right, once a year on one of his/her day's off, to spend one night as a client in one of the suites of the hotel. This includes bringing a person of their choice to share the treat- sunset drinks with 'la patronne' on the roof if that is what they want, three course candle lit dinner in the garden, served upon by one of their workmates and unlimited satellite TV watching, as well as endless coka colas. This idea caused a sensation when first aired the other day, and the entire work force spent the day splitting their sides with laughter.
It started with Baba the waiter last night. In reality the occasion turned out to be surprisingly solemn: Baba and his friend arrived at sunset dressed in their best outfits.The staff stood to attention in their uniforms. I had lent him a suitcase which Ali carried to their suite. Baba had checked himself in under the name Monsieur Gerrard, since Gerrard of the Liverpool football team is his big idol. Everyone called him Monsieur Gerrard, and noone laughed! Having eaten the three course dinner he had ordered which included fillet steak and chips and cream caramel to finish, Monsieur Gerrard retired to the suite with his friend and they watched Liverpool beat Marseilles 4-0, the first goal obligingly scored by Gerrard to put the finishing flourish on the day.
This afternoon he will be back in his work clothes, serving the full house we expect for dinner tonight.


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