Friday, March 21, 2008

The party is over, and it was a success I believe. Nearly two hundred people came, including Monsieur le maire, the Commandant de la Brigade, Monsieur le Prefet and many others familiar to readers of this blog, such as Hadjira the Marabout and last horseman of Djenne; Kadija the jeweller; Baji the potter and I since I had decided it would be politic to bury any hatchets I invited even the ugly M. le Directeur de l’INPS, who turned up and behaved as if he was my best friend.
After the inaugural mass at sunset in my new textile studio the party proper kicked off about 7.30 with the arrival of the hunters of Djenne, shooting blanks and making way for the balafon orchestra. The buffets were brimming over with roast lamb and various local fare.
But I don’t even have one picture to show to my great annoyance!


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