Saturday, June 28, 2008

And otherwise- what is happening? Well, Napoleon, despite being a gourmand for mangoes and for millet, and despite seemingly being in good health (he is just as frisky and fun to ride as ever) is getting pitifully thin. We have exhausted the veterinary’s repertoire of western-style cures, to no avail. Everyone has been telling me to bring in the local traditional medecin man whom everyone consults when their horses are ill. Until this morning I have refused, but finally I have decided I have no choice- this is Africa, and perhaps when in Africa do as the Africans? So I left my darling Napo in the hands of a whole gang of people, led by the gentleman in the hat. They tied him up and inserted a stick in his mouth. After this I could no longer watch but escaped to the Clic whence I am now penning you this missive, greatly disturbed, wondering what they are doing to my Napo??? Everyone assures me I should have had this done months ago, and that he will be right as rain in a few days, and will start putting on weight. I will keep you informed…


Blogger Dolliemeister said...

Please don't put a stick into Dolly.

12:08 PM  

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