Sunday, June 15, 2008

Every time I travel between Mali and Europe a strange phenomenon stikes me.
The journey takes much longer than the actual physical journey through space. It starts days before, and I have already been travelling since about last Wednesday. My mind is almost there and I am now going through the travelling motions of organising,packing seeing and taking my leave of people.
The flight leaves at six thirty tonight so next time I will write on African soil.

But before that, I must show you the delightful present my god children Oisin, Irla and OEifa gave me: a Djenneopoly!
It shows a remarkable grasp of Djenne Djenno cosmology, and the 'chance' or 'bad luck' cards say things like: 'Papa burnt the dinner- fine 50 FCFA' and 'Sophie sees you slacking- fine 100FCFA'!


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