Monday, July 14, 2008

Anyway, the first meeting was last Saturday, and I thought I would find out exactly what it was about, but instead I found myself in a lecture about ‘leadership’ and the qualities needed, which are listed below. I may possess some of the physical attributes listed on the left(height etc) but find myself woefully short of those on the right (tact, patience..) so the lecture was probably very good for me.
Otherwise there is the MaliMali workshop which is not yet off the ground for various practical reasons; there is the scheme to clean up Djenne’s plastic bag problem; there is the Djenne Manuscripts Library (see blog beginning April). I went to the British Library Conference on the Endangered Libraries of Africa in London on the 10 June. There is a real possibility that the British Library will finance a project here…more later.
And then the latest scheme: I want to try and get a wind-power turbine for Djenne somehow…(Donna Quichotte de Djenne?) and then …and then…


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