Friday, July 25, 2008

Astonishment is not the word.
I don't quite know how to celebrate this epoch making event.
I am writing this from my bed at Hotel Djenne Djenno! And not only writing it but sending it off too, what is more important. The Orange Thingy I aquired in Bamako finally decided to work and I am overjoyed!
The other very jolly thing (I did say that Africa is a land of extremes, didn't I? I spend days complaining about everything and then suddenly two causes for celebration in one day!) yes, the other thing is that I came upon a band of Peulh cowboys just beyond the Djenne Djeno archaeological site this evening as I rode past on Napoleon. We have tried for two years to get some milk delivered to the hotel, but the Peulh (French for Fulani)have great problems parting with any thing or part or produce from their beloved cows. But this evening the very milk you see being milked out of this cow (shared with the calf) was delivered to Hotel Djenne Djenno, and the young boy that delivered it said he would be back tomorrow with more! So is this the beginning of yoghurts and cheeses, let alone just good milk with the breakfast at Hotel Djenne Djenno? Let's see- I really hope he will be back!


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