Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tomorrow my new loom arrives from Segou. We were going to start a weaving course for a month, with about six pupils. However it is now the rainy season and people disappear into la brousse to prepare their fields and sow, and I was advised to wait with the course until the rains are over. But I am eager to start something, so thought we would start with the plastic bag idea (see blog entry May) so here is Amadou from the Djenne handicapped association, ‘spinning’ plastic bags and joining them by heating with coals. It is a fairly slow process so far, but with a little team and with some practice we might get somewhere- the idea is to weave seats for my new chairs for the new restaurant to start with. They will be a sort of neo-Mies van der Rohe lever chair, wich is now in development with Bamye, my metal worker. If this works, well then who knows?


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