Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A very nice Dutch architect girl and her Belgian husband just stayed at Djenne Djenno for five days- we ended up doing bogolan in my studio. She is taking back her own cloth which she painted with mud to her home in Begium where she will wash it in her bath. But she also bought a MaliMali outfit which suited her extremely well- she looks quite Bloomsbury I think and only needs some long black beads to go with this for a perfect wedding outfit perhaps?
Some other Dutch ladies also joined me a few days ago in my studio, and we spent a happy mud painting morning together. I think I will add this to the activities available- just a day or two of bogolan might be fun, rather than the whole week course I offer on the hotel website.


Blogger David said...

Sarin enterprises waxes ever more ingenious - all power to your elbow. Greetings from steamy (in one sense only) Rhinebeck on the Hudson. Dxxx

2:32 PM  
Blogger David said...

PS - Dolliemeister 47 tomorrow, all alone in London. Send birthday greetings? Dxxx

2:34 PM  

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