Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Djenne is an ancient city and many of the ancient traditions are still alive. Here is the Djenne town crier delivering the message he has been commissioned to broadcast. The going rate for a town crier is 1000FCFA for a half an hours tour around the market place and the centre of town. This time it is I who have commissioned him to get people to pick up old plastic bags, a small part of which will be used in the weaving, the rest will be sent to the plastic brick factory in Sevare, run by the Agan Khan Foundation, about which more later, perhaps...

Hark! O burghers of Djenne! Make haste and Bring ye forth in abundance all the old plastic bags ye can lay your hands on for it is decreed that ye shall be paid 50 FCFA per kilo!
or something like that...


Blogger Dolliemeister said...

Will ALL the old bags be picked up?

3:36 PM  

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