Sunday, November 16, 2008

Since most of the visitors to Mali are French, it is essential to be listed in the French travellers' guides, of which there are two: Le Guide Routard and Le Petit Fute.
And finally, nous voici dans Le Guide Routard!
And what does it say? Well, we are found on a page removed from the rest of the hotels, under the heading 'Le plus Chic' de Djenne! And our cuisine is recommended. This is what is says, more or less, after the preamble about prices of rooms and exact position:
'Sophie, a Swedish woman, fell in love with Africa and has built a hotel in the local style; the only hotel situated outside the town. The rooms are not very large but decorated with taste. Swimming pool is planned. Bicycle hire. Beautiful view from the terrace of the bar from where one can order a drink before sitting down for dinner (yes, we do recommend the food too) A good address.'

Not bad, and the first fruits arrived yesterday in the form of a French couple in a Landrover on a trip around Africa.


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