Thursday, November 06, 2008

The other momentous event was on a less global scale, but no less joyful: my cousin Pelle arrived from Sweden with his wife Nanni to celebrate his 60th birthday at Djenne Djenno. Here he is with his birthday present: two sheep for his birthday dinner that night when about 50 people turned up for our buffet dinner followed by dancing. There were the hunters of Djenne and Diabolo circling around the tables and shooting blanks and fun was had by all I hope!


Blogger David said...

Is there something missing here? Weren't you going to tell us how Mali received the good news about Obama? Is it a national holiday today, as in Kenya?


11:03 AM  
Blogger toubab said...

I am tearing my hair out here with terrible internet connection everywhere in Djenne, so have not been able to post the election blog I wanted to post- hopefully this connection will last long enough for me to do so
love Sophie

11:26 AM  

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