Wednesday, December 24, 2008

HOTEL DJENNE DJENNO wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS with this picture which is quite unrelated to the present circumstances: an unseasonal snow spell in Leksand, Sweden, during my holiday in the middle of May covered the cherry blossom with powdery snow for several days...
But that is quite some time ago and quite some distance away from Bamako and Hotel Colibris which will be our home during this Christmas. Keita is undergoing lots of tests, has been seen by a specialist and has more appointments on Friday.

Djenne Djenno is running if not entirely smoothly, at least it is running, and that is with a continual invation of THE BEAST.
Judging from the 'mishaps' reported, all is well in the great scheme of things. The worst 'disasters' are the following: A group of Dutch people stayed at the hotel last Sunday and had both lunch and dinner at the hotel. But horrors beyond all imaginable horrors- what happened?? They were served fruitsalad for dessert for both meals, and complained, quite rightly so.

The next disastrous mishap was that the SAURAI 'superior double' didn't have any hot water, and since it was inhabited by a difficult Mexican trio this circumstance was magnified and the Mexicans got angrier and angrier, especially when they were told that they were wrong, and that the SAURAI most definitely had hot water. They stomped off in a huff and the water situation was checked. Indeed, there WAS plenty of hot water! Let me now quote Birgit, my guardian angel in situ, who sent me this text message:
'the hot water in Saurai is the blue one, the cold red. Never underestimate the stupidity of people, toubab or farafin!' Indeed.


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