Friday, April 17, 2009

All too soon the rainy season will once more come and wreak havoc on my fragile mud hotel, at first with dust storms like the one above, then with wild onslaughts of torrential rain. But today this is still a few weeks away, and today I just want to celebrate our latest review in Trip Advisor (below)!

hong kong
6 févr. 2009
was in Mali recently for 8 days 7 nights & stayed in 6 hotels, my favorite two hotels were La Maison Rouge (in Mopti) and this hotel Djenne Djenno, I couldn't decide at first which I hotel I liked more but finally decided it is Djenne Djenno

the hotel is right outside the town Djenne (a must see in Mali), and very very unique (just like Djenne's famous mosque, built with mud)

I arrived in the afternoon after driving all day from Bamako (and this was after my 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to Paris followed by 6 hours Paris to Bamako) the owner wasn't there but her friend Birgett came out to greet us like we were long lost cousins

the hotel is small (12 rooms) but had all the essentials
~ the only good cocktails I had in Mali
~ the best food overall (not only was the dinner good & reasonably priced, i.e. all the other hotels served basically just bread and butter + jam for breakfast, here they served up piping hot local rice cakes and had the best coffee)
~ there' s a tiny cute little boutique showcasing original souvenirs
~ to catch a perfect sunrise/set you need only to hop on to the rooftop
~ my room was small but tastefully designed but most of all I think that the service made the difference, this was the most happy cheerful little place & you can sense that a lot of love/thought has been put into the hotel

the hotel is very basic and not right for anyone looking for i.e. marble bathrooms or a luxurious stay (actually please don't go to Mali then) but for people that love truly unique hotels with character, good service, good food & etc in Mali, this is it.


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