Sunday, September 06, 2009

A lovely young Japanese couple spent a few days here recently. They called me 'Sophiesan', which is of course a way of addressing someone respectfully. To me it sounded like something one calls a kitten, and I melted and lost my head and more or less let them stay for free... They met at an office party in Tokyo, and started talking about various things, including travelling. 'Where would you most of all like to go in the whole world?' asked the boy. I want to go to Djenne in Mali, said the girl. 'But that is amazing, said the boy, so would I!' (what we don't know of course is whether his desire to go to Djenne was engendered there and then..)Anyway, their wish to go to Djenne was clearly overwhelming, because here they are, on my roof top on their one week yearly holiday!They went straight to Djenne and stayed here all week and must now be back in Tokyo again.


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