Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another newsworthy item is that Max lost his virginity the other day. A farmer from a neighbouring village arrived with a little mare and asked permission to have Max mount her, a request we readily agreed to of course.
Veteran readers of this blog may recall that he already showed encourageing signs of potential in this field when he first arrived:(see blog of 9 July 2007). And indeed he did not disappoint, but lived up to his promise.
He threw himself into this new task as if he was born to love, spending quite some time on foreplay, gently nuzzling her behind with his nose and giving her plenty of time before he finally did the deed, which in itself was over quite quiclkly. But then they grazed happily for half an hour or so side by side before doing it once more; and finally even a third time. It all took about two hours. We have asked the farmer to bring the foal if all went as planned.


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