Saturday, January 23, 2010

Apart from such culinary adventures, Djenne Djenno is having a jolly week because Keita is here. Today a lamb will be slaughtered and prepared for tonight’s dinner party for him and his friends, the balafon players will come, and AN BE TA DON KE – we will dance. Who knows, perhaps even Keita will do a few steps? He is nearly well enough now.
The other thing I ought to mention, just in passing, is that, ahem, Beigna is back. It was the soft hearted Keita once more who pleaded with me, so I have relented and tonight Beigna will serve at the table again with Baba as usual. Maman will continue with his work for MaliMali, which has suffered a bit recently, so perhaps all will be well....


Blogger David said...

Delighted to see Keita looking so well. Sophie, you and Casablanca between you did this. There's love for you.

Hope he managed a few dance steps at the party.


12:02 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

keita did not dance yet, but soon I think, because he even walks without walking stick now!
Love to you bothxx Sophie

2:20 PM  

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