Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Little Night Music
In a minor key, or rather in a mood of discord. I am very annoyed. I have been very annoyed all day!
And why? Because Africa is an unbelievably annoying place!
It started this morning with two French people arriving, ‘just looking’. While the girl went to the loo, the man started asking the same questions everyone asks, but he did so with a sort of annoying French smirk on his face, as if his questions were interesting or original. But they were just the same old thing as everyone else asks, i.e. ‘what brought you to Mali?’ ‘How long have you been here?’ Why did you choose Mali? So I gritted my teeth and tried not to look too irritated while I answered the questions to the best of my ability. And then the blasted girlfriend arrived and she asked the exact same questions again!
The people that come here are quite well travelled, they are not your average package tourist. They are often interesting and I often like to talk to them. But they have one thing in common: they all think I am fair game. They think that just because I live here and I open the doors of my hotel to them , they are allowed to ask me anything they like! Unbe--------lievable! At six thirty in the morning, when I am preparing their bill, they will ask me what I am doing here; and how I got here! And not only that, they have absolutely no shame, they will ask things I swear they would never dream of asking anyone else, such as: ‘do you own this place?’ ‘How much have you invested here?,’ And if I don’t immediately reply, and look a bit bewildered or bemused, they will try and simplify things for me:’ you can tell me in Euros if it is easier….’
And that is the Europeans! The Africans are just as annoying but that is for another evening. I want to sleep ….


Blogger David said...

I'm sure you could design a Djenno Djenno dress with all the facts briefly stated in elegant lettering down the front.

Or - not quite your style - a T shirt with something briefer and ruder.

Now, what about that gay incident you promised to tell us about?

And DO drop Cressiepoo a line; she was here and in small dudgeon that she's heard nothing.


9:17 AM  

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