Saturday, February 06, 2010

Erica is gone. Four days of intensive horse talk and instruction about feeding, inoculations, training strategies and lunging practise of the lovely but difficult Maobi under Erica’s expert guidance has given way to the situation we now find ourselves in: we are alone with a jittery handful of prime condition stallion who is still traumatized by the change: leafy Circle Hippique has been replaced by dusty Sahel plains teeming with creatures never before heard or seen: cockerels crow, muezzins chant, dogs bark and donkeys emit their outraged complaints. Not to mention the visual change: the space and light is over whelming after the shady grove in Bamako.
Even before Erica left we had some troubles. Maobi is excitable, and although he had been able to cope, more or less, with the numerous horses which pass by pulling carts (probably regarding them, instinctively, as belonging to a lower caste than himself) it was a different matter when he laid eyes on the splendid Zaloc , ridden by my old pal Haidara the Marabou who turned up the other day.


Blogger ylva said...

How nice for another horse-lover and currently also part time stable worker to read about your new horse business! I have no idea how well educated you are regarding horses, but if you dont know about Monty Roberts yet, check out his webpage ( where you can find a lot of videos and stuff. I love his nonviolent way of dealing with horses! :)

Hugs from Ylva (2nd daughter of Pelle)

9:56 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

hello Ylva! Non-violence is of course essential when he is nervous and when his environment is new, but nevertheless I am going to take the stick with me tonight, he is being a bit too silly and refusing to move. I think just a little touch with the stick will make him aware that it is there. Thank you for the webpage tip, will check it out! When will you come out and ride him yourself?
X sophie

3:18 PM  

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