Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please humour me whilst I revel immodestly in our 19th(!) Trip Advisor report, with the heading: 'The Best Lunch in Mali'
'Unfortunately the hotel was totally booked on our only day in Djenné, so we only had lunch. But that was the best food we got in our 2 weeks in Mali. So delicious and in a nicely built surrounding.'
And number 18 was in a Foreign Language but I took it to be favourable because there were words such a splendido and maravilloso sprinkled here and there. I am savouring this because I know things cannot last and one of these days I am sure there will be a bad one coming our way...


Blogger Andrew said...

I think the Italian means something like this: "Just outside the walls of Djenne is this hotel run by a Swedish lady. Very fascinating to arrive by night with this magnificent and mysterious entrance. The tenuous lights of the night render it fascinating and very beautiful aesthetically, like the rest of the city..."

I'm guessing a bit, because it's Spanish I know, not Italian.

xx Andrew

3:28 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

thank you Andrew!
When are you coming back?

5:08 PM  

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