Saturday, September 25, 2010

The news reaching us from Djenne is disturbing to say the least.

I have dug out an old picture from 2007 which must show something approaching the situation in Djenne at the moment- the water is standing at the threshold of the hotel and creeping up... Ace is working filling the rice sacks with earth and building the barricades.
But the last thing we heard was that the water is seeping up through the ground itself, inside the barricades!

Oh dear, what should I do?

The road has been cut off. Tomorrow the hotel is half full- the staff will stand ready at the main road and take the people to the hotel with pirogues to the waiting
Max and carriage which will take them the last hundred metres to the hotel. We have done this before, but I am worried and I wonder if I should go back.

But what can I do if I go back? I will not get there in time for the people tomorrow anyway.
Keita will start his gruelling treatment next week and this is why I am here- I can't leave here either!
Oh dear, what a dilemma...


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