Wednesday, September 08, 2010

This tranquil Swedish view has soothed my eyes for the last ten days, but soon, soon, my feet will once more touch African soil, this time in Tunisia.
On Friday I leave Stockholm to meet up with Keita in Tunis, where he will finally get the stem-cell transplant he needs. Details are so far sketchy to say the least- we don't know exactly what date he is arriving, nor do we have any details of the hospital which will do the treatment. All arrangements are in the hands of the Malian Ministry of Health. I have bought a last-minute charter ticket and will travel with Swedish holiday makers on their way to this popular travel destination. Once in Tunis I will find a little hotel and wait...


Blogger David said...

Such a lovely photo of the newlyweds - they look so youthful.

And bonne chance to you both in Tunis. Loved the medina, could have spent many days there. To stay: if you want to splash out on a 'maison de charme', I took a card from a real beauty in the medina: Dar el medina ( After arriving and staying in lovely Sidi bou said (an easy commuter train journey away) we returned and stayed in the relatively cheap and cosy Hotel rue de Russie.

Hope that's helpful.

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