Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The next day I went for a ride on Maobi who is now stabled in Boucoum’s kitchen- that is to say the room designated to become his kitchen once he moves in to this neighbourhood.
Maobi was full of beans as usual and seemed happy to see me, although that may be my wishful thinking. There was not much ground available so we rode around and around on the small space which remains amongst the houses in our neighbourhood. Maobi has now taken to his new existence in Djenne with enthusiasm. He even loves the water and splashed around and neighed happily after our ride.

The hotel was full the last two days and all went well – a jolly group of Germans picked bougainvillea from the garden and presented me with a bouquet as they left this morning, saying it was the best place they had stayed so far in Mali.


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