Thursday, November 04, 2010

Today Ace and I went to Madiama, a neighbouring village, where the Thusday market was in full swing, particularly the sheep section since Tabaski is just around the corner. I wandered about looking at horses, while Ace found 2 good sheep for tomorrow's lottery and price giving ceremony for the staff at the hotel. I am not allowed to get near him at the negociation stage, since we don't want toubab price inflation.
Meanwhile Keita is doing fine in his sterile cell far away in Tunis, and not even feeling sick he told me tonight. He must have the constitution of an ox, for he is getting very heavy doses of chemotherapy. But all he was complaining about was that the food was awful and he was hungry! I feel less worried now- perhaps he will not be suffering too much after all.


Blogger Elza said...

Dear Toubab,
I have tried to find your post about Olga again to no avail. Just like you, I admire 'big hat' ladies, like Olga and the Baroness and indeed, you, because you too wear the 'big hat'. I will soon be leaving this desert for another, because I am going to investigate if I can settle in Botswana. I have been there before and going down the list in my mind, where I think I would like to be the coming years the Kalahari (actually the Okavanga Delta to be precise) seems to fit the bill.
Wear 'the big' hat with pride because you, like the daring women we admire, are an inspiration.
Kind regards, Elza (Dutch by birth, African in heart)
p.s. I will have to buy some of your wonderful fabrics for my new home, when I find it and have my things moved. Brrrrr - can't part with everything and I intend to ship my jeep and dog.

4:11 PM  
Blogger toubab said...

Dear Elza,
I wonder if you mean Edith Watts, the lady in Papua New Guinea on the coffee plantation Ulya? Just put the name in the blog search and it should pop up!
You sound great fun, and fairly big hatted yourself!

5:05 PM  

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