Saturday, April 02, 2011

I have time to study my fellow Djennenké and I am amused to notice two types of waste disposal being carried out at this meeting about waste disposal.
A young girl is walking around offering cold water in small plactic bags. Having drunk the water in these bags, the majority of people just drop the bags unceremoniously on the ground in front of their chairs (see picture above). The more intelligent ones will see a correlation between the subject of the meeting and the act they are about to perform. They therefore screw up the plastic back discreetly, hiding it in their hand for some time before they deposit it quietly under their chairs a little later!
Later they will all go home, feeling that something has been done about the waste disposal problem of Djenné since much has been said, most eloquently. In a few weeks, or months, there will be another get together sponsored by Unesco or something, and the Djennenké will once more talk about it. ‘Les Causeries du Fleuve!’


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