Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maghreb Melt Down??
David, Keita and Jeremiah on another famous square in Morocco a couple of days ago:
in front of the Bab Mansour in Meknes.
We are very well and in Casablanca, far away from this morning's carnage in Marrakesh. We only just realized with horror a couple of hours ago what had happened when I found an email asking if we were OK.
We are looking out on to the Corniche, the palm fringed ocean promenade in front of our hotel. It is normally teeming with ice cream eating holiday flaneurs, but today it seems unusually quiet. The attack on Marrakesh has profoudly shocked people here. The death toll had just risen to 15, mostly tourists. Is this Al Quaida? It seems so.
How appropriate: we are just listening to Bob Dylan's Masters of War...
you fasten all the triggers/for the others to fire/then you sit back and watch/when the death toll gets higher


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