Friday, May 27, 2011

Sometimes I go back to see if there are any new comments posted on older diary entries. Just now I found this which moved me, regarding my friend George who passed away. This lady will be pleased to hear that George's obituary came out in the Times a few days ago. I will try to find the reference. She can also go to his memorial website:

Meanwhile here is Amarilis:

Amarilis said...
I am Rodica, a Romanian women, a retired physicist, one year younger than George.
Many years have passed, but these days a sudden filing urged me to find out somehow a trace of George. I tried by first looking up in Google.
...It can’t be true I thought. And yet it was. ....Three weeks too late!

During all our studentship I was overwhelmed by George’s appearance, so different from the rest of us. Tall, always wearing a dark suit and a white shirt, the cuffs showing up a little from under his sleeves. A tie too, of course. A big black umbrella, strange for a student of those days, accompanied him often.
A real gentleman in a crowd of say poorly dressed students, as was usual in those dark years in Romania.
I was overwhelmed by George’s mature and elevated way of thinking and speaking, so different from what one usually heard in our student world. He seemed to belong to another world, a world I would never be able to reach, I thought.

Memories are overwhelming me now, when I thought to be so near to find him again.

The Romanian physicists have here a journal, Curierul de fizică. I think that at least now, after his passing away, George deserves to be reminded to his colleagues who have praised him and to the community of physicists here in Romania.

Could you help us? In any way you can. May be with some information about his activity in England, some photography, and by writing an article for the mentioned journal. May be by permitting us to publish also his 10 Commandments.

Is it too much if I ask you to put on his grave a flower from me too, next time you will be in London?

Have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear friend.


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