Monday, May 30, 2011

I dream fondly of the hot desert winds of Djenne as I make my way north by train, stopping for a couple of days to say hello to my dear friend Birgit in a freezing cold Amsterdam. Here we are at her African bead and jewellery stand where she sells what she buys when she visits me at Djenne Djenno during the winter months.

The following day a succession of trains sped me further north through the green pastures of Germany and and Denmark while cold rain beat down on the train windows. I arrived in southern Sweden last night, welcomed into the bosom of my family in the shape of my cousin Pelle and his wife Nanni, their children, my auntie Birgit, as well as several new arrivals in this ever-expanding branch of the family. Today a timid sun is finally attempting to warm my poor African limbs.

I just spoke to Baba at the hotel. He and Papa have both been doing a few weeks's apprenticeship at the Hotel l'Amitie in Bamako. He seems very pleased with his (first)time in Bamako, and so is Papa it appears. They both ended up with proper apprenticeship certificates, stamped and signed- they are very proud.
Meanwhile Maman (who did an apprenticeship with Amede at La Maison Rouge in Mopti last year) has been holding the fort at Hotel Djenne Djenno, with much success it appears, since we just had a very good new Trip Advisor review by a lady that just stayed at the hotel. She mentions him by name twice no less!
I am very pleased with him and he will get a good present when I return.
The hotel will now close for the month of June. I will continue further north...


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