Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sophie not at Ascot.
Thought it was time to change my little blog picture above right so here it is- taken by Rosamunda a couple of weeks ago. I am wearing a MaliMali Coat Dress, a MaliMali hat and a MaliMali necklace, all made in our studio in Djenne and available in the MaliMali shop at Hotel Djenne Djenno! All proceeds go to projects in health and eduction in and around Djenne as always. We will up-date our website shortly with information about what we do. Meanwhile I am still at Champneys health farm in England squeezing out the last benefits before my departure- leaving for Mali on Sunday...

Overheard in the Champneys' Jacuzzi this morning:
"It was luvely of course. I saw the Queen quite close up and I was standin’ next to Cliff Richards. Cilla Black was there and she looked ever so luvely in her hat. But is was very expensive: 90 quid for a bottle of bubbly. I said to Kevin that we could ‘ave gone to Marbella for the money we paid for that day in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. It was full of toffs and hoorays, and they were a bit of a pain of course… “
Ahem, what species did you expect to encounter in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot? I chuckled quietly to myself.
This is a great place. Its Patron Saint is Sir James Savile (Jimmy Savile?) who inaugurated it in 1996 it says on a gold plaque. It is full of Footballers’s Wives and aspiring Footballers’ Wives on a diet. I spend my days in a fluffy white bathrobe and LOVE IT. Going for an Aqua aerobics session in a minute. All this indulgence has got me thinking again about the possibility of creating a health spa at Djenne Djenno. We could have Timbuktu Salt Scrubs, Djenne mud wraps- ( I am sure it must be good for one?) and massages with Shea butter etc! More later perhaps…


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