Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Diawando is taking shape. It is just as well, since the first booking is in exactly 6 days!
Lots of activity, lots of excitement, mud being flung in all directions and somehow hitting its target.
And on the CATARACT front there is news: The date is set for Christmas Eve! I am delighted that MaliMali is going to be able to offer Djenné this as a Christmas present to coincide with the fifth year anniversary of the hotel!
100 inhabitants of Djenné and the surrounding villages will have their cataracts removed between the 24th and the 3rd of January when the mobile operating unit will be parked in Djenné.
There have been a couple of anonymous donors, one a Doctor in the UK who kindly gave 200 pounds stirling; one still mysterious donor gave 150 Euros, and now we are able to do it. Thank you! There is still about 300 E missing, but we have the faith that this will arrive....?
Meanwhile I am exhausted and in a terrible mood most of the time. The library project is going from bad to worse: London having no idea about conditions and mentality here, and Djenné not understanding the first thing about the modern world; internet and other such things. And I am stuck in the middle trying to fit two puzzle pieces that don’t fit.
I am going to London for a few days to try and sort things out in the beginning of December. And dear Birgit, my Dutch Great Friend will just have arrived to take control, Alhamdilullah!


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