Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great News ! Alhamdilullah!
MaliMali has received a very generous donation from Geraldton , Western Australia. 3000 Australian dollars, which translated into slightly more than 1 500 000fcfa (2300E). This is not far off half of the required amount to do another cataract campaign at Christmas in Djenné! Many many thanks to the couple –two physicians- (whose names I may reveal later with their permission.)
We can therefore today officially launch the new appeal for funding: we need another 2 200 000 fcfa (ca 3384E). We will then be able to call back Dr. Keita and Moussa Koné and the rest of the team with their equipped operation vehicle and we will once more operate on 100 patients, who will come from Djenné and from the surrounding villages.(see blogs December 2011). We hope to do this at Christmas like last year.
Should you have any spare cash, this is a really worthwhile cause, and the funding goes directly into the project without any administration costs whatsoever. Please look up www.malimali.org ‘donations’ page for details of transfer.


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