Friday, April 13, 2012

MaliMali has to go global.
Today I did a fashion shoot at Ann’s. These pictures and others will form part of the MaliMali range which will be available online within a couple of months when I have seen my website designer.
And what about Mali itself?
A young man who Ann met at her hairdresser’s today said he had wanted to enlist in the army to go and fight in the North. He had not been accepted though, since he did not have a BAC! (the equivalent of A-levels!) Well bloody Hell! Who needs A-levels to fight for his country? Here we have a true Patriot, and he is sent away! Instead he has now decided to become a hair dresser, a noble profession no doubt, but can Mali really spare him at this time? I was very cross and called Keita: ‘Get on to one of your officer chums, will you? This is ridiculous!’


Blogger Lela B said...

I'll be first in line for that skirt on the right. :)

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